Lafayette Rod & Gun Club

Gun Club Membership

Our club provides a limited number of reasonably priced, conditional memberships in order that its members may enjoy the responsible use of legal firearms. This club is 100% NRA and as such, all LGC members are required to be NRA members as well. Membership is also conditional on the "reading, understanding and compliance with" the published LGC range rules.

Range rules have been created to provide for operational rules and general safety. Here at Lafayette Gun Club, we take safety seriously. While we want all of our members and guests to enjoy the facility, remember that violation of the range rules may result in the revocation of membership privleges. For that reason, the rules are published in full on this site. "(See our Rules Page for complete details)"

If you are interested in more information about the club you may contact any of the officers listed below. Membership applications must be processed through the membership chairman.

2017 - 2018 Club Officers

 Membership Chairman

 John Wade
 2300 Oak Street
 Higginsville, MO  64037



 Richard Miller
 15 NE 600 Road
 Warrensburg, MO  64093



 Chris Kaiser
 19974 Long Grove Road
 Higginsville, MO  64037



Scott Siegfried
1708 Main
Higginsville, MO  64037



 Mark Hoeppner
 14501 Highway O
 Lexington, MO  64067


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